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RuneScape Description

Dive into an exciting fantasy world full of intense combat, unique characters, fierce enemies, vast dangerous plains and endless adventures in this stimulating browser game...


RuneScape is a fantasy-themed browser game that can be played in one of two ways – either using the free-to-play mode, or in full by signing up to the premium account. You start the online game by selecting your character and modifying the clothing, skin color, hair color, torso, legs and facial hair. You can change your look throughout the game by paying certain NPCs.

After customizing your character you will be taken to a dark basement where you will learn all the basic skills of game play through a tutorial, including combat, navigation, woodcutting, mining and more. If you get lost, you can seek the help of the various Advisors and Tutors that roam the worlds of RuneScape.

There are several unique worlds and realms to explore, some of which are created by members. Each world has its own features, and includes worlds specifically built for trade, for role-playing, for loot-sharing or for group quests. The adventures are endless in browser game RuneScape. There are several modes of combat available for you to experience including PvP and PvE combat. You have the ability to learn multiple skills to assist you in combat including melee for close-range attacks, ranged for archery and bow attacks and mage skills to cast spiritual spells against your enemies. There are a number of additional skills you can learn in RuneScape including fishing, firemaking, smithing, crafting and thieving.

In RuneScape you will find a number of mini games to keep you occupied as you journey across the land. These include the Treasure Trails, Penguin Hide and Seek, Shooting Star and Phoenix Lair games. Join the action of the exciting and diverse fantasy-themed browser game RuneScape.

by Kyle Hayth

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RuneScape News

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    12/01/2015 07:32 am - Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over, there’s no denying that Christmas is right around the corner. There’s Christmas music everywhere, colorful lights are sparkling wherever you look, and Santa Claus is getting ready to travel around the...more

  • RuneScape: First Expansion Pack with Lost City of the Elves

    08/12/2014 04:45 am - Not many gaming communities can say that they have been waiting 12 years for a particular story to wrap up. RuneScape players now can, however! The first ever expansion for RuneScape, a fantasy browser game that celebrated its initial launch in 2001...more

  • RuneScape: Back to Classic Combat with New Legacy Mode

    07/15/2014 05:13 am - Ever since the beginning of 2014, Jagex has included its community in the process of decision-making for RuneScape. Players have had the chance to voice their opinion in more than 50 polls, helping the game studio shape the future of the online...more

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